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With 20 years of experience, we’ve expanded our product line, developed our craftsmanship and built an outstanding team. Unlike other online wholesale cabinet companies, we focus more on what we call the “friends and family” sales experience. We combine the retail store and online shopping together without the showroom expense. Our RTA cabinets have the easiest assembly process in the industry, our patented Hook- Lok Construction and Dovetail Assembly are made with the utmost attention to detail. Our team will always provide high-quality cabinets that we would be proud to have in our own homes, and outstanding service we’d expect to receive from a top-notch company. At Cabinets for You, we define value as the best quality products, with the best service, at the best price

Cabinets for You can also offer a variety of custom designs with a variety of colors. We can provide prepaid sample doors(any charge for samples will be credited back to your order). We offer free quotes and design, you can use our 3D design online tool and have the option of speaking directly with our professional designers. Cabinets for you can also offer professional independent installers for assistance.

Transform Your Home

Transforming your home can be a very personal journey of style and design. More and more consumers are spending more time at home. Kitchens, for example can be the focal point of any household living space.

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Our Projects

We want you to know just how beautiful your kitchen, bath and storage spaces can be. Check out some wonderful projects we’ve done over the years. From modern sleek shakers to traditional Charleston classics. Whatever your personal style is, Cabinets for you has you covered.

We can build you the Cabinets of your Dreams